Harnessing Direct-to-Mobile Technology for Broadcasting in India: Potential Benefits, Challenges, and Policy Implications


  • Dr. A. Shaji George Independent Researcher, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India




broadcasting, Telecommunications, D2M, Spectrum, Rural connectivity, Mobile devices, Multimedia content, Infrastructure, Regulation, Direct-to-mobile (D2M), Public welfare


With smartphone usage rapidly increasing in India, video streaming has emerged as a major driver of mobile data consumption. This has led to network congestion and inadequate reach of content to rural areas. Direct-to-mobile (D2M) technology offers a potential solution by enabling multimedia content delivery directly to smartphones without internet connectivity. D2M functions similarly to FM radio, with devices tapping into broadcast frequencies. The government, telecom operators and broadcasters are exploring D2M's possible applications. Key benefits include disseminating public information during emergencies, reducing data usage and network loads, expanding content accessibility to remote regions, and countering misinformation. However, major infrastructure upgrades are needed for national rollout. Compatible devices, network equipment and adequate terrestrial transmitters will involve considerable investments. Coordinating various stakeholders - policymakers, telecom firms and broadcasters - also poses challenges. Spectrum allocation for D2M must balance existing uses and future 5G plans. Appropriate licensing norms need to be framed to include private players. Incentives can encourage telecom operators to adopt D2M despite initial revenue losses from reduced data consumption. Interoperability standards will be essential for nationwide access. With prudent policies and public-private partnerships, D2M can be harnessed to enhance broadcasting reach in India. But the technology's full potential remains to be tapped. Further research on implementation strategies, revenue models, infrastructure sharing, and consumer adoption will provide crucial insights for harnessing D2M's national socio-economic benefits.




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Dr. A. Shaji George. (2024). Harnessing Direct-to-Mobile Technology for Broadcasting in India: Potential Benefits, Challenges, and Policy Implications. Partners Universal Innovative Research Publication, 2(1), 41–58. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.10672002