The Emergence of Cybersecurity Medicine: Protecting Implanted Devices from Cyber Threats


  • Dr. A. Shaji George Independent Researcher, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • A. S. Hovan George Independent Researcher, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



Cybersecurity medicine, medical cybersecurity, Healthcare data privacy, Clinical informatics security, medical device security, Healthcare cyber threats, Digital healthcare risks, Patient data protection, medical technology vulnerabilities, Connected care security


With the increasing use of implanted medical devices like wearables, internet-connected pacemakers, and neural implants, a new field is emerging at the intersection of healthcare and cybersecurity. This paper explores the need for specialized cybersecurity doctors to protect these vulnerable devices from cyberattacks. As medical implants become more interconnected, the risk increases that hackers could access and manipulate them, endangering patient health and privacy. Currently, the healthcare industry lacks professionals with expertise in both medical technology and cybersecurity. This paper argues for the creation of cybersecurity medicine programs at universities to train the next generation of doctors in protecting devices and patients from cyber threats. These cybersecurity doctors would educate patients about data security, develop security strategies for medical apps and devices, collaborate with developers to identify vulnerabilities, monitor cyber threats, and respond quickly to incidents. Their specialized knowledge is essential to build security into medical devices from the start and to institute best practices for developers. Cybersecurity doctors would also stay current on the evolving threat landscape to devices and proactively address risks. With patient health data increasingly held on connected devices prone to hacking, the paper emphasizes the vital role cybersecurity doctors could play in safeguarding lives. The paper concludes that nurturing this emerging field is crucial to protect patient trust in vital implanted technology as it becomes more pervasive. With vigilance and expertise from cybersecurity medicine specialists, the lifesaving benefits of connected devices can be harnessed while keeping confidential data safe.




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Dr. A. Shaji George, & A. S. Hovan George. (2023). The Emergence of Cybersecurity Medicine: Protecting Implanted Devices from Cyber Threats. Partners Universal Innovative Research Publication, 1(2), 93–111.